Jon Lung with his partner Brian Louden on the show Mythbusters

Jon Juhan Lung is an Amarican star and as known as the co-host of MythBusters with his partner Brian Louden

Early lifeEdit

Jon Lung is originally from BrooklynNew York. He moved to Heartland Village, Staten Islandas a child. He graduated from Susan Wagner High School then attended college at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.[1] Lung attended the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in Manhattan, where he received his MFA in Products of Design in 2016. His MFA thesis project was aimed at encouraging people to be inventive and resourceful with everyday objects, and was inspired by the TV series MacGyver.


During the course of his upbringing and education, he amassed skills and techniques working with various woods, metals, foams, plastics, fabrics, papers, resins, silicones, and clays. In addition to designing and building furniture or generating concepts, prototypes and tests as a product designer, he works as a freelance graphic designer.

Lung appeared on the reality television competition program MythBusters: The Search, which premiered on The Science Channel in January 2016. Despite his lack of on-camera experience, his humor and technical expertise, which he displayed in challenges that included finding a needle in a haystack, building a boat out of cardboard and picking a handcuff lock with a bobby pin, impressed the judges, and by the end of the competition, he and his fellow contestant, Houston pilot and rescue diver Brian Louden, won the job co-hosting the TV series MythBusters, a reboot of the 2003 – 2016 program. The first 14-episode season of the new series began production in early 2017, and would premiere November 15. Lung comments on the job, "I can't complain when every week I get to blow something up or build some insane machine. Every day, I check something off my bucket list."

Personal lifeEdit

Lung relocated to Los Angeles when he took the job of hosting MythBusters in 2017.

Lung spends time fabricating in his shop, as well as searching through junkyards, searching for parts to use. He also enjoys cooking.

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