Adam with Fire extinguishers

Adam with fire Extinguishers[1]

  • The Myth - A carbon dioxide fire extinguisher can be used to repel an attack from a flamethrower. [N 1]
  • Verdict - Busted
  • Notes - As Jamie built a small-scale flamethrower, Adam tested a standard CO2 extinguisher and found that it could discharge to a distance of 25 ft (8 m), close to the 30 ft (9 m) shown in the video. The two faced off, with Adam walking toward Jamie and deploying his extinguisher. He was able to put out the flames, but had to get within only a few feet to do so.

    For a larger test, Jamie built a military-style flamethrower, while Adam made a new extinguisher that used pressurized water to drive the CO2 out and improve the range. At a bomb range, Jamie's rig achieved a distance of 60 to 80 ft (18 to 24 m), and Adam stood behind a glass shield 60 ft (18 m) away (matching the video) to try and hold it off. A standard extinguisher proved ineffective; Adam's high-pressure rig did hold the flames back, but to a distance far below the full 30 ft (9 m). Since they were unable to replicate the video results, they declared the myth busted.[N 2]

This myth featured on the Fire vs Ice episode.



  1. This myth was inspired by a viral video. [2]
  2. Almost none of the flamethrower construction details were shown on camera as possession of such a device is illegal where the show is filmed. Jamie noted that he and Adam were able to test this myth only under the supervision of several government agencies. [2]


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